African youth Well Being
This is mental health and well being trainings for young people to understand how they can challenge the stigma and discrimination attitude in the African community.
Talk mental health, mental health first aid, suicide prevention and recovery trainings.
It will be done in all sort of way such as: mental health music therapy, Drama, poems or a piece of art.
African Lanarkshire for Mental Health
We facilitate family members to come together to share experiences. It create a platform which help the community to talk about mental health, challenge and break down the barriers of stigma and discrimination in mental health.

  •  Natural visit
  •  Well being entertainment
  • Anti stigma campaign
  • Language support (interpretation and translation)
  •  Art and craft
The organisation uses every opportunity to raise awareness of mental health and well being.
People with past and present experience of mental health have the opportunity to share experience.
It helps to build a strong bond with main stream institution to open up those affected with mental health to self advocacy.