We believe that by organising activities that will bring the two sides together, it will gradually address the stigma around mental health and in a long run. We also sign post.
Day out for Comfort:
It gathers family members of the individual affected with mental health and create an atmosphere of togetherness and breakdown the misconceptions around mental health when visit to nature. 
Music Therapy:
It helps to break down barriers in mental health by celebrate culture differences with music and dance, The African community will understand the effect of discrimination and stigma toward people with mental health.
Art therapy:
The Art therapy gather families to share experience and practice and produce an art fact. People learn to protecte the environment with recycling methods and concentrate on art activity instead of issues they have been through. It increases chances of jobs for African community by volunteering.
Awareness events :
It helps promotes and raises awareness of mental health problems within the African community and wider community to reduce stigma and discrimination.
it open mind of the community member to realise that it infolved many things and none of them should not be negleted wher mental health is concern.