About Us

African Lanarkshire for Mental Health was found by people who have past and lived experience of mental health and those in recovery. After experiencing social isolation because of the stigma of the mental health In African communities, those who were affected with mental health illness chose to create this organisation.
In African Language Mental health would either means creasy or head hake, none of them hold its meaning.   
Members are from African background who are experiencing and recovering from mental health and their family members.
All activities we run are lead by one or more people who have the experience of mental health or a member of their family to challenge the discrimination in mental heath. To be effective in making the African community to understand mental health, the management committee links with mainstream organisation to provide information of support and trainings to increase knowledge about mental health. All member of the organisation meet quarterly to talk about their new challenge and find way to address it and once a year for the annual general meeting to hear the report and e review of the policy of the year and make their voice heard.